Satel USB-RS Converter

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Manufacturer: Satel
Product code: #5614
  • converter USB -> RS-232
  • programming of radio controls
  • cable included USB (1,8 m)

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USB-RS converter for programming SATEL devices

The USB-RS converter makes it possible to connect to the computer SATEL devices provided with RS-232 or RS-232 (TTL) port. It also allows you to program SATEL radio controllers.
  • appropriate for the SATEL devices provided with the following port:
    • RS-232 – PIN5 or RJ type connector
    • RS-232 (TTL) – PIN3 or RJ type connector
  • suitable for programming SATEL radio controllers
  • 4 cables terminated with appropriate plugs
  • USB type B socket for connecting the converter to the computer
  • delivered with a USB cable (1.8 m)

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